14 Exciting Things To Do In Newtown At Night

Any Newtown local or tourist will agree on one thing: Newtown is the perfect blend of modern and classic. While it’s well known for its vintage shopping, standout theatre scene, and contemporary art during the day, Newtown comes alive at night. With the rising of the moon, Newtown becomes a nightlife hotspot, with bustling local bars, mouthwatering dining options and fun market spaces. In fact, Newtown may just be a night owl’s idea of paradise! 

Whether you’re visiting Newtown for business or leisure, or if you’re a local looking for some nighttime fun in Newtown, here are some of the most exciting things to do in Newtown at night.

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Explore the iconic King Street

If you’re looking for a good time but don’t know where to go, King Street is your best bet. As the heart of Newtown, it serves as a one-stop shop for all of the best things to do in Newtown at night. Fashionable boutiques, specialty and vintage stores, gourmet restaurants, popular bars and clubs, and more can be found here.
legendary corridor newtown hotel

Experience the legendary Newtown Hotel

The Newtown Hotel takes its happy hour seriously, serving up interesting cocktails, delectable dishes, and a vibrant atmosphere. Additionally, the venue has a dedicated live music area where patrons can let loose and vent their stress. If that’s your vibe and if that’s your sort of thing, then you should consider this place a must-visit.
enmore theater

Catch a show at the Enmore Theater

To this day, this century-old theater still hosts a perfect mix of entertaining theater acts as well as other local and world-wide performances. The Enmore Theater is also widely known for Newtown’s funniest comedy acts, so if you’re looking for a good laugh, be sure to check it out.
hollywood masterpiece at dendy cinemas

See the latest Hollywood Masterpiece at Dendy Cinemas

The Dendy Cinema would be an excellent choice for a solo outing or a date night. Aside from mainstream flicks, it also offers theater and opera runs. With loads of film or theater shows to choose from, the Dendy Cinema should make it to your list of exciting things to do in Newtown at night.
lives at the cipher room

Escape with your lives at The Cipher Room

Feel like putting yourself to the test and solving a mystery? Try the themed escape rooms at The Cipher Room. It offers three exciting escape rooms, each with different themes and filled with puzzles and mysteries to solve. Gather your friends and challenge yourself in one of Australia’s best escape rooms. Voted best Sydney escape room in 2021!
international flavours at thai pothong

Savour the international flavours at Thai Pothong

Yes, a Thai restaurant is one of Newtown’s most popular dining options! Thai Pothong deserves full credit for its relaxed atmosphere, excellent customer service, and fair price range of $14–$35 per person. One sip of their hearty tom yum prawn soup or a mouthful of pad thai, and you’ll know this has got to be one of Newtown’s best!
the stinking bishops

Challenge your senses at The Stinking Bishops

Contrary to its name, this famed cheese and wine bistro at the center of Newtown doesn’t smell at all. Enjoy delicious cheese and meat platters and main entrees coupled with flavorful, rich wines! The Stinking Bishops is a fantastic pick for both cheese lovers and haters alike, with convenient prices ranging from A$29 to A$59.
cheese and wine bistro

Book a nice dinner at Bloodwood Restaurant and Bar

Bloodwood has expanded from a small split-level restaurant to become one of Newtown’s premier dining and drinking venues. Not only does it have a great selection of beers and the best collection of great cocktails, but it also offers an international menu to suit all tastes for AUD 36–70 per person.
delicious burgers at mary’s

Take a bite of delicious burgers at Mary’s

If you’re in the mood for a tasty burger, Mary’s at Newtown is the place to go. On top of its burgers, Mary’s is also known for its tender and juicy chicken, complementing side dishes, and cool drinks. With prices ranging from A$16 to A$35, this offer is a steal
delicious vegan options at lonely mouth

Discover delicious vegan options at Lonely Mouth

This list wouldn’t be complete without vegan options. And when it comes to Newtown’s plant-based ramen selections, Lonely Mouth is the pick of the bunch. With clear, thick broth and soft, perfectly-cooked noodles, this place is vegan heaven on earth.
young henrys brewery and distillery

Quench your thirst at Young Henrys Brewery and Distillery

For beer lovers looking for a fun night-out spot in Newtown, Young Henrys is a must. This award-winning venue offers a wide selection of beers at affordable prices. So raise your glass and toast to the night! A word of advice: head over in the early afternoon, as the place unfortunately closes at 7 PM every night. So maybe not quite something to do at night, but definitely worth a visit if you’ve got the chance!
savour and swallow at corridor newtown

Sip, savour and swallow at Corridor Newtown

If you want to ease the afternoon rush with fun activities in Newtown at night, Corridor Newtown is for you. No beer and cocktail hub captures the Newtown vibe quite like this stunning gem. With a variety of drinks and a selection of signature-themed cocktails you won’t find elsewhere, it’s the perfect location to kick back at night. Plus the vibrant team and comfy furniture create a cozy and inviting atmosphere absolutely worth dropping by for. 

chill out at fortunate son

Chill out at Fortunate Son

Fortunate Son strikes the perfect balance of trendy and laid-back. This location will appeal to any bargoer because it recalls flashbacks of how casual, social, and easy-going bars used to be. With a vibrant retro style and a relaxed environment, this is a great spot to spend a relaxing night out. 

ice cream combo

Discover the perfect ice cream combo at Gelato Messina

A frozen feast makes the perfect night time treat, especially when it’s some of the best ice cream Newtown has to offer. Experience the iconic flavours of Messina’s full ice cream lineup and see what all the fuss is about. It’s guaranteed to add a note of excitement and deliver to your night!

And much much more

The fun doesn’t end there. Visit Newtown soon and see for yourself why it’s a popular destination for night owls. Check out these spots for a fun night out experience that’s one for the books. And who knows, you might have something to add to this list of the most fun things to do in Newtown at night!