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In addition to a wide selection of cocktails, Corridor Newtown has a range of local and imported wines, perfect for wine lovers of every kind. Sit back and relax on our rooftop with a glass of red and you’ll soon discover why Corridor is one of the more popular Newtown wine bars. 

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Your Drink of Choice

While we’re first and foremost a cocktail bar, that doesn’t mean we aren’t passionate about our wines. Make your choice from our wine list, or ask our bartenders and they’ll be happy to help you find a drink that matches your palette. 

And if that doesn’t fit your tastes, we also have a selection of ciders and craft beer!

your drink of choice
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Right in the Centre of King Street

Located just a short walk from the University of Sydney, we’re easy to access by car, train or even just by walking. There’s plenty to do in the area, so why not drop by? Stay a while! With a laid-back vibe, comfortable low lighting, and plenty of seating both inside and on our rooftop beer garden, we’ve created a cosy space and made it easy for you to relax here with your favourite drink.



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Squealing Pig Pinot Noir
  • Small / Large $16 / Bottle $44


Squealing Pig Sauvignon Blanc
  • Small $10 Large $16 / Bottle $44
Squealing Pig Pinot Gris
  • Small $10 / Large $16 / Bottle $48


Squealing Pig Prosecco
  • Small $9/ Bottle $38


  • Wet Pussy / $10

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Looking for a wine bar in Newtown? Come and visit us at Corridor Newtown and experience the best of Newtown’s bar scene today. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect beverage to match your mood. Whether it’s just for a few drinks or an entire evening, we’ve got something great waiting for you.

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